Parents Behaving Badly

Jun 11, 2017    Dr. Abidan Shah    The Family, series

As we journey in our series on the family, Pastor Shah shows us in this message how parents can behave in a ungodly way. In this message we focus on the life of Judah. He was one of Jacob's sons but he did not have a zeal for the Lord like his father. He made some bad parenting decisions and eventually slept with his daughter-in-law. This message directed towards the kids tells who they should act in the face of this bad parenting. How are your parents? Do you look up to them or do you shake your head at them? Do you admire them or are you ashamed of them? Some of you may not need this message but others know very well what I am talking about and it is very painful for you. Do your parents know Christ as their Savior? Do you?