The Student Ministry at Clearview Church is called "Illuminate" for one reason. Jesus is repeatedly called the light of the world in Scripture. If students are trying to live like Christ, they must become the light in their families, schools, groups of friends, etc. Illuminate is for all students from 6th-12th grade who want a place to learn more about their faith while having fun! From mission trips to service projects to crazy games, the goal is simple: encourage students to love God more, to serve others, and to shine the light of God's love to everyone they meet.

Love God.  Love People.  Shine the Light.

In Illuminate, learning the Word of God becomes challenging and fun! Teens should look forward  to church instead of dreading it. With messages and Bible studies specifically tailored to teens and the struggles they face, students learn how to put their faith into action.

Beyond regular times of Bible study, there are tons of opportunities to connect and build relationships. From mission trips to retreats to fun games and events, Illuminate is the perfect place for teens to establish a firm foundation of faith and form lasting, godly friendships all while having fun!

One of the most powerful things that keeps students in church is their connection to other believers. For more information, you can send an email to



Illuminate Students meet for Sunday School at 9:45 am every Sunday morning to study the Bible together.


On Sunday nights, Illuminate takes part in Catalyst, a worship service designed for teens and young adults. With tons of games, small group discussions, and messages that apply the truths of Scripture to life, this is something your teens can't afford to miss!

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