Skeletons in the Family Closet

Apr 30, 2017    Dr. Abidan Shah    The Family, series

This is the second message in our series titled "The Family: Some Dos, Some Dont's, and Some Who Knows." In this message, we take a look at three "skeletons" in the family closet of Abraham. Abraham lies about his wife not once but twice, saying she is his sister. His son, Isaac, does the same thing with his wife, Rebekah. Interestingly, God never condemns Abraham or Isaac. Just because you have things in your past that you aren't proud of, that doesn't mean you are disqualified from being used by God. God still blesses our families, often in spite of our mistakes. Are there skeletons in your family closet? Do you understand that God blesses us out of His mercy, not our righteousness? Are you saved?