Kindle is Clearview's community outreach ministry.

Our goal is to share the love of Christ with our community in a real and tangible way.

We do this essentially through five methods: lot cleaning, renovations, kids programs, young adults programs, and ministry.

We try to share Christ with our community and change it one life at a time.

Changing the Community

Our Kindle ministry has adopted the Flint Hill community in Henderson. Known as being a neighborhood most would drive away from, we have run to the community with open arms, carrying the gospel to those who need hope. Through things like providing people with the chance to purchase Christmas presents at a fraction of the cost to community events, our goal is to make Christ visible through our service to others.

Owen-Davis Park

Our Kindle ministry has renovated Owen-Davis Park within the Flint Hill community. We have replaced playground equipment, held cookouts and community events, and cleaned up the surrounding area. By providing a safe, clean place for kids to play and people to connect, we have made a positive, lasting investment in the Flint Hill community.

For more information, contact Mike Breedlove.