Circles are a place to build relationships. Through meeting together, sharing meals, studying the Bible, and investing in each other's lives, we develop meaningful connections with people and strengthen the ministry of the church. Most people today crave connection; Circles are a way to develop lasting, God-honoring relationships.


Circles exist not only for fellowship, but to challenge each other to grow in faith and spiritual maturity. We believe that the Christian life was never meant to  be lived in isolation. Spiritual growth is facilitated through gathering together to study the Bible and creating an atmosphere of honesty and accountability.


Clearview Circles are also regularly involved in service projects throughout the community. The goal is to extend the hands of the church beyond the physical building and meet the needs of the surrounding communities. People might not choose to come to a church, but they will remember when people from that church come to work at their house and share the gospel with both words and actions.


Circles exist to point people toward Clearview and, ultimately, to the Lord. It provides a unique context where people can come to someone's home, enjoy getting to know other people, and learn more about the Lord without feeling intimidated by a church building. It's an opportunity for people to reach the lost that might not ever come to a church, but would come over to someone's house.

Contact Ryan Hill for more information about Clearview Circles.