Our pastors are men who love the Lord, lead their families well, and serve sacrificially. If you have questions for any of our staff, feel free to connect with them through email or by calling the church office.

Abidan Paul Shah       

Lead Pastor                                      

Abidan Paul Shah (born October, 1973) has been the pastor of Clearview Church for 19 years. He lives in the community with his beautiful wife Nicole and their 4 kids (Rebecca – 23 yrs, Abigail – 19 yrs, Nicholas – 15 yrs, and Thomas – 12 yrs).

Pastor Shah preaches expository messages that are simple to understand and apply. Every sermon is a challenge to grow in our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The church has been blessed through his leadership and vision.

He is currently completing his PhD in New Testament Textual Criticism (ancient biblical manuscripts). He has read scholarly papers at the National and Regional meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society and he contributes regularly to the local newspaper. Pastor Shah is also a chaplain for the local police department.

Pastor Shah’s father is a former Muslim who accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He travels all over the world preaching revivals and evangelistic crusades. He is also a pastor in India, serving the same church for over 45 years.

Nicole’s father was also a pastor for about 30 years. She served on the mission field to Chile with her parents and family.

Ryan Hill

Assimilation & Student Pastor               

Ryan Hill is a graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary with an M.Div. in Biblical Counseling. Both Ryan and Elizabeth have a heart for seeing students and their families changed by the gospel and growing in their faith.

Elizabeth is also our nursery director. She loves seeing families able to worship, their little ones being cared for, and works hard to make sure both kids and parents are served well during each of our services.

Ryan and Elizabeth have five beautiful children: Noah and Hartley (6-year-old twins), Evangeline (4-years-old), Joanna (3-years-old), and Asher (3 months old).

John Galantis

Worship & Media Pastor                   

John Galantis is the Worship Pastor at Clearview Church and has been leading worship for 7 years, traveling across the state with his band, Tristen Two-12. He got started posting music videos to YouTube before God called him into full-time ministry. John attends The College at Southeastern and is working towards his Bachelors in Christian Studies with a minor in Theology.

Apart from worshiping God, John’s biggest passion is digital media. He believes in the power of cyberspace and desires to use that power to promote the good news of Jesus Christ and posts all sorts of videos, fun or serious.

Ellie volunteers in our nursery and also spends time capturing beautiful photos of life around Clearview. They recently celebrated their 3-year anniversary.

Rebecca Shah

Children's Ministry & Event Coordinator


Rebecca is the coordinator for BLAZE Kids. She ensures each weekend is carefully crafted so that the children of Clearview are both having fun and growing spiritually. She also runs the Rise 'N Shine cafe on Sunday mornings, coordinates volunteers coming to help around Clearview's campus, and is heavily involved in planning and leading Converge, the college and career ministry.

Rebecca is a recent graduate of The College at Southeastern with Bachelor of Arts in English. She plans to pursue her Master's at NC State University. Rebecca loves serving alongside her family in ministry and watching how Clearview continues to grow!

David Williamson

Media Specialist & Student Worship            

David began to coming to Clearview after being invited by a friend. He was captivated by Pastor Shah's preaching and the powerful worship music. David started attending regularly on Sunday mornings and became involved in our Illuminate Student Ministry. He went on to volunteer more with the A/V team as well as the praise team, eventually being brought on as a ministry intern and later as a member of the team.

David handles the majority of video design and editing. He produces content each week that can be seen in every service. David serves on the praise team, is involved in our Converge College and Career Ministry, and leads worship for our Catalyst Student Service on Sunday nights. He loves being at Clearview and can't wait to see what God has in store for our church!